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We develop websites and mobile apps for enterprises

A few of our projects

These below are the projects made by us

12 Feb 2017 Know my class
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15 May 2018 MedsBright
UK based CBT and OSCE coaching programme for overseas nurses who wish to get Nurse registration in the UK with the NMC
01 May 2018 Orgermart
Using Orgermart you can order from your nearby stores like Restaurants, Supermarkets, Bakery, Cafes, and more.
13 Apr 2017 Creative IDE
Creative IDE is a Lightweight integrated development environment and a learning platform for more than 60 programming laugages.
09 Jun 2018 Thoughts
Creatyification Thoughts is a Facebook page where you can view and share random qoutes with image
05 Mar 2018 SELFIE
SELFIE is the premiere venture of its kind by State Institute of Technology, Government of Kerala.
07 Nov 2017 Navaprabha
A mobile app for mentors of Navaprabha, an intervention programme for remedial learning, envisaged by RMSA Kerala.

The way we build apps

We build websites and apps in these 3 steps


We will discuss about your app or website idea and sketch out a blueprint of the app


Firstly we build a prototype of your idea and test it with beta testers and build the final version


Finally your app will be published in repertative app stores or your website will be published to the world

Want to share some ideas with us

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Some questions and answers

Here are some questions and answers which would explain many things about us

Is Creatyfication expensive?

No, We look forward to make amazing apps, not a bunch of money. So we are not expensive. We even work for free if you have an amazing app idea.

I don't know whether I need a website or a mobile app?

Don't worry, Get in touch with us. We will look on to your business snd tell you. We will not force you unlike others.

How much will it cost to make a website or a mobile app?

If you want to know about our pricing. Please email your website or mobile app idea. We will tell you the price. We will only tell the price, we don't force you to make the app. Also, We will not sent Ads to your email....Dont worry about. Sent to

Will Creatyification make logo or graphics for my project?

Yes we will. We have one of the finest designers.

Projects we are currently working on

Here are the projects that we currently working on

Flareable Creative IDE lite Iconic Eva

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